The crew from Strike Anywhere Films was in the studio shooting me and Michael making a Bloom and a mixed pattern Foglio.  They also recorded some interview audio and the chatter between me and Michael while we made work.  They were really engaged on ensuring they got great shots and great...
Having fun making some cool cane cups.  This is one of my favorites from the day.
So in the course of my week I will be doing many hours of glassblowing but I'll also be busy doing lots of prep, design, composition, coldwork, photography, packing, shipping, etc.  While I work with an assistant blowing glass who also does a good amount of coldworking, there's still a ton I...
I was interviewed by the Nashville Arts Magazine a couple months ago and here's the result.   :)Click for the full story on their site:  
I was recently interviewed by The Bold Italic, a popular magazine and site focused on San Francisco arts & culture.  It's part of their series called "Found Locals" which feature different San Franciscans who they deem do something interesting.  The interview is on their site here.
A while ago I received a call from a book publisher in Germany asking permission for my name to be used in a book about hand-painted porcelain.  As this request was both random and mysterious I asked for more information and learned that Keiko Shimizu, an internationally-recognized...
Just a short follow up from the post below--this is the completed piece that was on the pipe in the earlier post.  The final work is 18.25 tall x 11.5 wide x 4" deep.
This is what was on tap for today in the hot shop.  This is a highly-patterned bubble of glass on the blowpipe just before I take the first of two or three 'gathers;' dipping it into a huge crucible of molten clear glass and encasing these colors.  Scale is probably tough with this photo...
As a fundraiser for Public Glass and in conjunction with Gump's in San Francisco, I did a show, artist talk and demo recently.  The event was hosted by the Patron's Circle of Public Glass--a group of passionate supporters of the organization.  The PG gallery was filled with a range of...
This Foglio and quite a few others recently caught a flight to Johannesburg.  I only wish I could get frequent flyer miles for all the places my glass goes :)
Occasionally I have visitors in the studio to observe glassblowing.  Visitors have ranged from collectors to gallery salespeople to a local art school class.  But a couple months ago I was asked to participate in a shoot for Adobe where their photographer would be shooting both stills and...
No, I don't look too happy pulling cane because it's probably about 95F degrees in the studio.  San Francisco is normally a great place to blow glass since it's relatively windy, cool and dry.  However, there are usually around 5 days a year where the weather is actually hot (at least for...
Blowing glass for fun with my friend Jason (who will shot most of the "In The Studio" photos) gave me a chance to test out new patterns.  Before embarking on the very labor-intensive process of making a large amount of murrine (patterned tiles), cutting it, designing work with it, then blowing...
A month or so ago, the folks from American Craft came to Public Glass (where my studio is located) for a photo shoot.  The focus of the shoot was to highlight the work of the artists and designers (mostly clothing) who show in their retail shows, using the glass studio as a backdrop.  (I...
Much of what I make is fairly large so it's nice to take a break from the hot & heavy stuff and make cane cups.  There's literally no limit to the design possibilities in glass so cups are a great place to experiment with colors, patterns and different palettes.  Since glass color...
I chatted with Monca Moses, the editor in chief of American Craft Magazine over an hour or so about a wide range of topics.  It started as an overview of my background in glass but quickly got into more interesting and timely areas including the evolution of my work through Bloom, the role of...
I often work with designers and galleries on commission projects where the client may like the style of my work, but have a specific size or color requirement.  Virtually all of these projects are good fun and it's nice to be challenged in either form or design by collaborating with someone...
Sonny of Stewart Fine Art worked with me on a large Allegro that a client wanted specifically for their new home in Miami. The niche is quite large as the glass is 55" tall and all rests on a custom fabricated 20" x 30" brushed stainless steel base.  
If you're walking towards the reception desk in the brand new Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong, you'll see two very large Foglios in custom made alcoves.  They were really challenging to make this large but came out great.